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Recycled & Recyclable Heavy Duty Combined Kerb & Drainage System
Kg of Carbon Saved
for every 1000m of Durakerb installed
material used in every 500mm unit
Product Cost
comparable with traditional systems
Recycled Plastic
bottles, caps and closures in every unit

Duradrain gives you all-round cover

All exposed impermeable surfaces and structures require efficient drainage to prevent flooding or settlement and to protect surfaces. Duradrain is a heavy duty combined kerb and drainage system (CKD) that provides an efficient and safe method of draining highways, car parks and potentially any surface or structure with a kerb edge.

Combined kerb and drainage systems collect run-off continually and quickly which helps extend the life of a project and improve the conditions for users and their safety, particularly in Highways. Unlike the traditional kerb and gully method where flows compound on the surface, the collected run-off is contained and driven to outlet hidden within the channel body. As the kerb-lines are traditionally set at a low point, the levels on site can be simplified using one-directional cross-fall/camber to deliver surface water to the kerb-side.

Increased Productivity
High Recycled Content
Precision Manufactured
Lighter, Safer & Sustainable
Low Carbon Footprint

Duradrain Delivers hydraulically

The combination of a large usable volume and hydraulically efficient material means Duradrain creates fast flows and good silt transit. This aids longevity of structure, system and product, reducing the frequency for future maintenance.

The greater volume and efficiency allows you to design systems within a shallow construction generally installed above a capping layer reducing cost and improving productivity on site.


Duradrain 70000 Combined Kerb & Drainage HB Profile Standard Unit
  • Length = 500mm
  • Width = 215mm
  • Depth = 305mm
  • Profile = Half Batter
  • Designed Weir Height/Kerb-Show = 75-125mm
  • Usable Flow Area = 21,197mm²
  • Roughness Value = 0.009

Total Integration

The key to the success of any surface drainage system is its installation and integration. A system has to be installed correctly and equally integrated within varied surfaces across a project which can often have different operational challenges. A precise quality finish during installation with sound integration between the product, system, bed, brace/backing and landscape/surfacing will ensure optimum performance and longevity.

All Dura products have a unique retention element that ensures all units are fixed and fully integrated with the brace/haunch during installation. Each section of CKD is bound by solid iron access and gully outfalls to give you a truly heavy duty and robust combined kerb and surface drainage system.


Award Winning

IHT / Highways Agency
'Health and Safety at Work'
Institution of Highways and Transportation Awards Winner
Highways Magazine Excellence Awards
Building Magazine Awards
Commended in both IHT/Halcrow
Environmental Award & IHT/ Ringway Award
Innovation in plastics 2008
BPF's Horners' Award Winner

Safe Easy Cutting

When you design for Dura products, all processes from setting out, cutting to length and cutting corners, are made easier, safer and quicker.

The increased efficiency will deliver real cost savings.

Reduced labour, plant and time on site will bring costs down further so projects can be completed efficiently and ahead of schedule.

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An Improving Cycle

With Duradrain, the increased cost of using recycled material is offset by the innovative and fully automated process of production. This enable us to offer Duradrain at market rates similar to traditional systems currently available. The improving cycle is nevertheless the same for Duradrain as it is with all Dura-Products.

  1. Creating solutions using recycled materials creates a demand
  2. Demand drives new industry and encourages better collection and control of waste material
  3. Improved collection and grading provides greater potential for use
  4. Increased use of recycled and recyclable products provides greater potential for recovery
  5. Greater potential for recovery reduces the cost of recycling and impact to the environment
  6. Reduced cost of recycling encourages increased use

EN1433 - CE Marked (IAN117/08 Rev 2)

For Duradrain & Durachannel, and all linear and combined kerb and drainage systems, the Harmonised Standard verifies compliance. The requirements for compliance have been developed and set by CEN/CENILEC within EU Legislation. They are designed to remove barriers to trade, promote entreprenuership and improve access to markets.

Duradrain & Durachannel comply fully with the Harmonised Standard EN1433 (HD Load Group 4 – D400) and carry the CE mark. Both systems also meet the requirements of the Interim Advice Note IAN117/08 Rev 2 and can be approved, used and adopted within highways across the UK, Ireland & Mainland Europe.


Health & Safety

A major benefit of Dura Products is their vastly superior health and safety features. Duradrain is not only extremely light but also contains no carcinogenic silica. Both these features benefit the workforce tasked with installing the kerb and aid designers in meeting their legal obligations under the CDM regulations. Duradrain does this by:

  • Eliminating risk from airborne silica
  • Eliminating use of heavy cutting tools
  • Reducing weight per unit
  • Reducing working time on live networks
  • Reducing use and reliance on plant/machinery
  • Making the job easier and safer for everyone involved
Everyone has a role to play. All those involved in the construction process have a responsibility in managing health risks. Each must take ownership of their part in the process. The law places a duty on everyone involved in the installation of kerb: Clients, Designers, Principle Designers, Principle Contractors, Contractors & Workers.

Silica Free

An estimate from the cancer burden study of the number of deaths from lung cancer associated with exposure to RCS (respirable crystalline silica) shows there are around 600 deaths per year with 450 of these occurring from exposures in the construction sector.

Unlike concrete Duradrain contains no carcinogenic silica & is designed to be cut using a hand saw eliminating the risk of exposure to RCS (respirable crystalline silica) a know cause of cancer.

Lightweight & Safe

Kerbs and paving material are common construction products. Regularly lifting, carrying or handling then can present significant risks of developing musculoskeletal problems.

At less than 8kg’s Duradrain is designed to be manually installed in line with HSE guidelines.

Think about limiting the risks before work starts by avoiding the need for heavy products altogether….use the lightest product that fulfills the design criteria.
It is for duty-holders to ensure that their chosen design or design concept reduces risks as low as reasonably practicable. HSE should expect duty-holders to be able to provide evidence that demonstrates that a design reduces risks as low as reasonably practicable.
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