New Life Cycle Assessments published for all Dura Products

Responsibility to the Environment is now a prime principal behind how we design and construct for the future. It is therefore more important than ever for manufacturers to provide detailed and up to date information on the full impacts to the environment a product and system can have from “cradle to grave”.

The high content of re-purposed polymer contained within Dura products already demonstrates a major plus for the environment before use however, it is also important to evaluate the product/system’s function and all other effects over the full life cycle using data that is as accurate as possible and independently verified.

Today, we have published our latest Life Cycle Assessments for all Dura Products/Systems. The assessment summary in pdf provides plenty of background/support data and the excel assessment calculator is particularly useful if you want to calculate a figure for the material contained per/kg or for each and every product within a system.

Both documents are now available within our downloads section of our website.