Let’s Stop Plastic Pollution Together

The amount of plastics ending up in our landfills and, even more worryingly, our oceans, is at critical levels. This kind of pollution is harming and killing wildlife across the World. According to Greenpeace, 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year. And scarily, an area of plastic rubbish three times the size of the UK has been floating in the North Pacific for decades.

16 million plastic bottles every day are being dumped in our environment from the UK alone.

EconPro have always been environmentally focused, our DuraKerb products include the equivalent of 182 plastic bottles and are 100% recyclable. Choosing DuraKerb ensures 0.5 tonnes of ‘waste’ is diverted from landfill for every 100 lm.

If you are like minded, we would highly recommend you sign up for the Greenpeace initiative, it takes five minutes to read and is well worth supporting.

‘Say No To Ocean Plastics’, by Greenpeace, read more here.