Dura’s joint strategy for expansion & carbon reduction

As we grow and expand into new markets and territories, it is so important that we do so in a sustainable way, maintaining the environmental benefits our products and systems offer whilst continually looking for efficiencies in everything we do.

Getting our products and systems on site using as little energy as possible is one important element in our overall strategy. With a product that is limited in load size by volume, rather than weight, that brings savings generally however we can make further efficiencies by using all the available trailer space for every load that leaves the factory.

For new markets we work with partners with a shared ethos and technical expertise to generate interest and support supply initially direct from the works, project to project, but with a long term goal of holding stock locally. For example, we have been working with Peleg RWS in Israel for over two years now and after a lot of effort we are seeing business developing to the next stage.

In already developed markets, our partners take fully packed loads from the works, split and support projects locally. Killeshal Precast in Daingean, Co Offaly in Ireland are a typical partner for us who will generally hold over 2000+ units on stock at any time.


Our strategy is the same for our partners in the UK and across Mainland Europe so we can grow within an improving sustainable cycle.