Durakerb – The Challenges of Social Distancing in Construction

We all know the importance of social distancing and everyone individually across the UK and Europe is doing their bit knowing that by reducing contact with others we are saving lives. Although it is important for businesses to continue trading during this period it must also be in a way that is safe for everyone involved.

This brings challenges for project/construction management however very often, a review of procedure, planning and implementation will ensure safe working methods can be realised and adopted for most tasks across a site. Our products can provide unique and specific solutions while these restrictions are in place and we are here to offer help and advice where needed.

Dura-Lightweight systems provide for a much simpler and easier to manage solution for kerb and kerb drainage that allows you to incorporate social distancing measures, adhere to CDM requirements whilst maintaining productivity on site. For example, all items within our Durakerb BSEN1340 range are suitable for a one-operative lift, set-out and install. Therefore aside from the obvious and primary stipulation to ensure a suitable distance between operatives is kept when working, the whole installation process can be adopted without revision.

We are here to help and will work with you to find safe working solutions while these restrictions are in place.