DuraKerb Tackles 2 of the HSE’s Big 3

The Health & Safety Executive has recently released plans for its Health and Work Strategy, which includes focus on three key areas;

  1. Occupational lung disease
  2. Musculoskeletal disorders
  3. Work-related stress

The HSE intend to focus on these three key areas with the aim of reducing the incidence rate by working closely with the affected stakeholders; employers, employees and the wider community.

Due to its unique construction, DuraKerb is proven to tackle 2 of these 3 key areas.

DuraKerb and Preventing Occupational Lung Disease

The Lung Cancer Association found in a study that 450 deaths per year in the construction sector are from RCS exposure.

Traditional concrete kerb need to be mechanically cut to size and due to the properties of the kerb, there is a major risk of exposure to the harmful respirable crystalline silica potentially emitted during cutting.

The HSE point out that “It is for duty-holders to ensure that their chosen design or design concept reduces risks as low as reasonably practicable.”

As DuraKerb is completely silica free and designed to be cut with a standard handsaw no harmful dust is emitted.

Reduce your risk as low as is ‘reasonably practical’ by using DuraKerb the Greener, Safer, Simpler alternative to traditional concrete kerb.

DuraKerb Reduces Musculoskeletal Disorders

The HSE have reported that, ‘Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common reported cause of occupational ill health in Great Britain, accounting for 41% of all work-related ill health cases and 34% of all working days lost due to ill health.’ Within the construction industry 64% of the 69,000 self-reported work-related illnesses were musculoskeletal disorders.

But how does this all relate to DuraKerb?

The HSE states “Kerbs and paving material are common construction products. Regularly lifting, carrying or handling then can present significant risks of developing m
usculoskeletal problems” going on to say ‘Think about limiting the risks before work starts by avoiding the need for heavy products altogether….use the lightest product that fulfils the design criteria.”

DuraKerb has been engineered and specifically designed to be radically lighter than standard concrete kerbs. At under 6kg DuraKerb can be manually installed without risk of injury and therefore complies with the HSE guidelines.