Dura Products contributes to reducing risk within local infrastructure

Managing risk is a key performance measure for Doncaster Highways and a process applied consistently from initial design and operations through to ongoing asset management.

For infrastructure and civil engineering specifically, there are already known and identified risks to the health and wellbeing of workers relating to traditional methods of construction. There are also new targets set by governments aimed at reducing the environmental risk, as well as the usual risks to manage that are associated with general highway design. When you also consider the cost restraints within the public sector it is quite a challenge for local authorities.

This project is a typical example of how Dura products and systems can contribute to reducing risk at every stage of construction providing a more environmentally sustainable, easier to handle, safe and simple method of highway drainage that removes run-off quickly and efficiently as soon as it hits the kerb-line. Supplied by our Distributor Polycon Ltd, the material cost and installation proved to be comparable/competitive with mainstream, traditional CKD systems.


“Highway Operations in collaboration with the Highways Asset Management Team have been looking at alternative methods to design out (1st principle in Risk Assessment) or greatly reduce the need for manual handling of concrete kerbs and channels. The same H&S principles apply to alleviating or reducing the exposure to Silica dust and we also need to consider the impact of the carbon footprint involved in both the production, installation and cutting of traditional concrete products.”