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A Better Way of Working for a Safer and Better Environment

How can Durakerb help you?

Using Dura products, it is possible to design a recycled and recyclable solution for surface water across the whole of your project. We offer three methods of surface collection to choose from, each designed to work side by side. See which Dura product works best for you!

Optimum Design

Establishing a best or optimum design across a whole project, very often demands a combination of all three methods of collection.

Our products combined will provide a competitive, cost effective and sustainable solution that reduces your impact on the environment and your workforce.

Our Design & Installation Guide provides information on the key factors in terms of function, installation and integration. Econpro offer a free design advise service for Surface Drainage and Kerb Edge Solutions. Ref – MCHW Series 500-EN1433 – Ref – MCHW Series 1100-EN1340.

Download our full Design & Installation Guide.

Design & Installation (PDF)

Easy Installation

We can supply simple take-offs with itemized schedules for tender purposes. Advice on the optimum position and method of collection for surface drainage, providing hydraulic proofs with individual run schedules right through to full project layouts with all necessary supporting technical, compliance and installation data necessary for approval purposes.

Our three ranges, although unique in some respects, are specifically designed to comply with regular industry and/or harmonised standards so can be specified “or similar” so the tender and award process is free to all products and manufacturers for comparison without exclusion. For any OJEC project and for any harmonised standard, the CE mark is the primary mark for compliance.

Design & Installation (PDF)