Travelodge – Workington Cumbria

January 15, 2020


The Travelodge Property Team aim to open 2000 rooms per annum and an additional 20,000 rooms by 2025. Each development is designed and built by preferred contractors and as you would expect with any large business, building sustainably with as little impact to the environment is a key priority.

For this project, Duradrain has been installed to collect and deliver run-off from around the drive-through, perimeter access road and small sections of parking area where collection at the kerb proved optimum. Duradrain, even when used as a part solution for surface drainage, can make a considerable contribution to the sustainable credentials for any construction project. The recyclable content within the 93mtrs of Duradrain supplied here is equivalent to 16,926 plastic bottles, caps and closures. All of which is fixed within the project and ready for re-use, recycling or carbon recovery at end of life. Please see our PAS2050 summary in our download section.

Duradrain also reduces the impact on the workforce during construction. The lightweight method of installation from setting-out right through to handover helps mitigate risk, making things easier and safer.


The installation process is similar to traditional systems but without the need for heavy cutting and lifting tools
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