The Oval @ Shildon – Durham

This project was supplied in 2018 and is a typical residential application. Despite being a relatively low-risk area where the frequency and type of traffic would be considered light, access is required for household waste collection vehicles. The road alignment is narrow and therefore sections are open to frequent and heavy impact. Using Durakerb within the kerb-line has provided a destination for recycled material where it is fixed and available for future use.

Durakerb units are manufactured using 88% recycled polymers with a small amount of filler, UV stabilizer and RAL controlled for long term consistency of shade and shape providing a clean traditional aesthetic. They save 30,676 kg of carbon per 1000m installed, meaning plastic doesn’t have to be a problem if we recycle and re-use responsibly.

Durakerb has many other benefits which will appeal to Local Authorities and any client who considers the environment a priority
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