Over 1km of Duradrain is installed on the N24 Clonmel Bypass

February 18, 2020

With just a few sections to complete, the final road surfacing can then be rolled up to complete this project in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland. Supplied by Killeshal Precast in Daingean, this project has 1,465 Duradrain HB standard units installed, each manufactured from recycled polymer. The total recycled content fixed within the kerb-line is equivalent to over 266,630 bottles caps and closures.

As a typical highway project, works are scheduled overnight and the road is kept open to traffic during the day. The rear retention element provides for a more robust integration which is key for heavily trafficked highways. Compared with traditional monolithic systems of similar depth, the greater volume within the channel body creates higher potential flows so lengths of CKD can be extended between outlets within a maintained and consistent construction depth.

Duradrain is providing surface drainage solutions for projects across Europe where the desire to recycle and re-use is increasingly evident. In all countries we work with the supply chain and through our specialist stockists and distributors we ensure our products, systems and solutions are available locally. Our design service is free so if you have a project, large or small, please get in touch.




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