Mather Avenue, Runcorn & Glenpark Road, Wirral

April 24, 2020

Durakerb’s design and automated manufacturing process has remained unchanged since 2005 however, the continued drive for sustainability over that time has prompted many innovations in how we collect, manage and re-use waste material. Improvements in the grading and analysis has meant that since 2012 all our products are made from a recycled polymer with a 50% increased Izod impact strength.

The very first projects we have supplied therefore provide for the best/minimum proofs of durability for Durakerb in service. Mather Avenue in Runcorn and Glenpark Road, Wirral are typical examples completed in 2010 using Durakerb HB2, BN3 and drop kerb transitions. In total there is over 1km of Durakerb installed, equivalent to 30,676kg of carbon saved and over 182,000 recycled bottles, caps and closures used.

The road and pavement design functions for both projects vary providing through-access for typical residential, urban, and industrial traffic. We have many more schemes across the UK which demonstrate similar durability over time, please see our website for more information.

Dura products provide for a quicker and easier solution that reduces impact and risk across the board
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