Manchester & Salford Inner Relief Road

March 9, 2020

Situated within the main link between Salford and Manchester, this project was temporarily delayed with new contractors being appointed to take things on to completion. Polycon Water Management, our stockist partners based in Cheshire, were able to supply material in time so that work could be completed without further delays.

Duradrain was supplied and installed in a robust detail at 125mm HB-kerb-height integrated within a full pavement backing. As a low carbon system with a high recycled polymer content, Duradrain provided a sustainable system of surface water drainage. Combined kerb and drainage systems are an efficient and safe method for draining road surfaces quickly with multiple entry across the whole kerb-line. This can also allow for simpler level design with collected flows compounding to outlet hidden within the kerb-channel body.

Duradrains are available in both half and full batter profiles. Made from 70% recycled polymer, each standard unit installed contains the equivalent of over 182no recycled bottles, caps and closures.

The properties of the recycled polymer content combined with the retention element to the rear ensure a fully robust construction
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