IDS – Netherlands – Providing Dura surface drainage solutions across Northern Europe

December 13, 2019

IDS have been a leader in providing innovative surface drainage solutions across Northern Europe. As our supply partner, IDS have been working with contractors, clients and specifiers and have been successful in securing a number of projects where Duradrain has proven a best solution.

IDS – Project – Eindhoven – IMG_3611

Recently IDS have supplied Duradrain to projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Duradrain is a low, carbon saving, recycled and recyclable lightweight combined kerb and drainage system that provides for sustainable surface water management through efficient drainage to prevent flooding or settlement, protecting surfaces. The combination of a large usable volume and hydraulically efficient material means Duradrain creates fast flows and good silt transit. This aids longevity of structure, system and product, reducing the frequency for future maintenance.

Producing products from recycled materials adds value to waste where it becomes a valuable resource, encouraging better collection and control as demand increases. Installed within a project, Duradrain also provides the potential for re-use, recycling and/or carbon recovery at end of life. Using Duradrain within your project also provides a fixed destination for waste plastic, a real and evident solution and a big improvement to how we have dealt with waste in the recent past.

Dura-Products help designers reduce their impact on the environment and reduce the demands on their workforce.
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