IDS-Group Supply Bespoke Colour Matched Duradrain to PDV-Maastricht-Netherlands

January 16, 2020

IDS-Group have put considerable effort in securing this project in Maastricht, Netherlands. The design brief was to provide an efficient and simple method of surface drainage that collects and compounds run-off at the perimeters of the plot. The aesthetic was also of specific importance and we produced a number of samples in varied shades to best match the surrounding hard landscape.

It was decided that a darker, charcoal-grey finish was preferable and once the colour match was agreed by all parties, we produced over half a kilometer of product ensuring a consistent aesthetic in each and every unit.

Duradrain is produced using a high content of recycled polymer, equivalent to 91,000 plastic bottles, caps and closures. The system collects and compounds flows hidden within the kerb-lines delivering to outfalls designed and produced by IDS-Group for the central European market.

This project and many others we have supplied demonstrate that innovative solutions can make a significant contribution to lowering impacts on the environment both in terms of the material we use and in how we design and construct for the future.




Duradrain is a modern and truly innovative solution to surface drainage.
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