Garlogie – Aberdeenshire

December 17, 2020

219 units installed, equivalent to 39,858 plastic bottles, caps and closures.

Recycling is driven ultimately by demand and therefore, unless we create solutions where recycled products and materials are wanted and used, then nothing will really change. Waste plastic doesn’t have to be a problem if we recycle and then re-use responsibly. There are 182 bottles, caps and closures in an average Durakerb standard unit and over 400,000 units sold to date. That is over 72 million fixed within kerb-lines across the UK ready for recycling again, and there is plenty of potential for more.

In choosing Dura products for your project, you will be improving the environment by providing a safe and useful destination for waste plastic. Companies like ours create demand, and more importantly, value for waste plastic so it is collected, controlled and re-used.

This project in Garlogie is a typical rural highway application trafficked by all types of vehicles at speed. Durakerbs have been BBA/HAPAS certified since 2008 and have been used extensively across the North and East of Scotland.

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