Durakerb is now being installed within the Kingdom of Fife

March 24, 2020

For over a decade the drive for sustainability in construction has been evident across Scotland, especially within the North and East. Kerb and Combined Kerb and Drainage systems manufactured from recycled polymer have been used and adopted extensively in Aberdeenshire, Tayside and Stirlingshire.

Further to historic trails, Durakerb is now making an impact in Fife. Over 1km of Durakerb has been installed recently in Kirkcaldy and Rosyth with a further project in Leven planned to go ahead in late March. We all need to innovative if we are going to meet the environmental targets now embedded within legislation and adopting solutions that are low in carbon with a high recycled content can make a significant difference to the impacts we have on our environment.

Fife Council haveĀ  made a comprehensive comparison with traditional products/methods of kerbing taking into account the cost in reducing resources, increasing productivity, costs to the environment and savings resulting from a far less demanding process for workers in line with the main aims and objectives of the CDM regulations.

Durakerb provides a safer, easier and more sustainable solution for highways and pavement design.
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