Durachannel – Heavy Duty On Site Testing

May 22, 2020

Durachannel is the latest addition to the Dura-range and as such meets all the necessary requirements for CE marking stipulated under the European Harmonised Standard EN1433 – Heavy Duty Load Class Category 4 – D400.

As with Durakerb and Duradrain, Durachannel has been installed and rigorously tested in real site conditions. As a monolithic system, Durachannel is a true highway system with standard units and all fittings meeting the requirements stipulated under IAN/117/08 Rev 2 (UK-BSEN1433) necessary for adoption. In addition, the one-piece robust, dual slot standard units are ideal for heavy duty loading areas and industrial facilities.

For this project in Iasi, Romania, Durachannel has been installed in multiple areas of varying load and surface construction. The narrow, pedestrian friendly heel slots and central rib ensures efficient collection of run off from surfaces with the base retention element ensuring a best integration is always achieved with the surrounding structure. This provides a robust construction for longevity of both system and surfaces across site. Please see our Design and Installation guide for more information.

As with Duradrain, the efficient hydraulic material and large volume of flow allows you to design a shallow depth system of surface drainage capable of draining large areas with the optimum number of outlets.



Polycon Surface Water Drainage (www.polycon.co.uk) stock and distribute Durachannel in the UK
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