Dundee Green Revolution – Council Run Charging Hubs

These projects are a great example of change in action. Lightweight and recycled Durakerb has been designed and installed around the charging bays within the Dundee area. The full height HB and b/nose profiles together with pre-formed internal and external angles have been used to provide a precise finish and aesthetic.

Durakerb makes the job of ground-working easier and safer and when a project comes to the end of its life, units can be reclaimed, re-used or re-made while also saving on over 30,000 kg of carbon per 1000m used, aiding the Scottish governments aim to cut carbon to zero by 2045.

Durakerb provides a choice for designers and contractors to make things easier and safer for the workforce and for the environment, manufactured with 88% recycled material.


I want my city to be the cleanest in the UK
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