Castletown Way – Sherbourne – Dorset

 Durakerb HB2 standard units were installed in 2012 along Castletown way in Sherbourne, Dorset. Inspected in April 2019, all Durakerb units are performing as expected. The specific grade of recycled polymer we use, precision automated manufacturing process and added UV stabiliser ensure units deliver longevity, maintaining dimension and shade over time.

This is a typical pavement backed design in a semi-rural area providing residential access from the A30. Durakerb has provided a fully recyclable solution along the kerb-line with recycled material fixed and ready for future re-use and/or recycling.

 With a growing number of local authorities and contractors announcing climate emergencies in line with Government Strategy, Durakerb can help. In using Durakerb you can considerably reduce your carbon footprint from the initial install process right through to end of life recovery.

“ Very encouraging to see the new Dorset Council is taking positive first steps and showing leadership to deliver the actions needed to tackle our climate emergency
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