Dorchester Way – Weymouth – Dorset

Since 2012, Durakerb has been installed in many sections along Dorchester Road in Weymouth. This is a busy urban bus route with varied function and multiple vehicle and pedestrian accesses.

Durakerb has been installed in sections over a 2km stretch from the A354 Manor Roundabout with each section having specific challenges. Using HB2 standard units, left and right drop kerbs with BN2 dropped transitions, units have been subject to frequent loads and impacts. This includes sections within busy local bus routes with narrowing alignments and tight junctions.

Durakerb again demonstrates an equivalent performance to standard kerb/pavement design. Constructed within a much safer and easier method of install, Durakerb provides for a greener, more sustainable solution. In using Durakerb you can considerably reduce your carbon footprint from the initial point of recycling right through to end of life recovery.

Very encouraging to see the new Dorset Council is taking positive first steps and showing leadership to deliver the actions needed to tackle our climate emergency.
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