Cumbria Highways

January 18, 2019

Cumbria County Council have been using Durakerb within their highway networks for over 10 years. The county has an extensive road network situated in one of the most regularly visited areas of the UK.

Cumbria County Council are keen to reduce the impact they have on the natural environment. Ground-working generally has always been a strenuous and impacting process where the risk to both environment and workforce has been considered high.

Using Durakerb within their networks has helped Cumbria County Council to reduce the demands on their workforce, mitigate risk and increase efficiency. The increased use, although unnoticed generally, has been welcomed by residents who share our passion for recycling and re-use. We estimate over 15,000 units have been installed over the last ten years which equates to over 420 tonnes of carbon saved.    

The Lake District was one of the first areas to set itself a carbon budget
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