Carmarthenshire Housing Projects

July 29, 2018

Durakerb is particularly suited to housing developments.

The speed of installation, set-out, delivery and handling across site increases productivity allowing other work to progress much quicker. Unlike traditional kerbs, Durakerb does not chip or spall and is robust enough to withstand accidental impacts and loads during construction.

The carbon saved and recycled material used makes a real difference to the environment with the units fixed and available for future recovery.

This project in Llanmiloe, is one of a number of housing projects in Carmarthenshire where Durakerb has been used. Installed by Sancler 3 Ltd, Durakerb has proven to be a sustainable kerb solution that reduces the physical demands on workers and their exposure to risk. Over time, this can have a marked positive effect on their long term health and wellbeing. 

Using Durakerb allows us to deliver projects efficiently and sustainably
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