Bexhill, East Sussex

April 30, 2020

For small/minor works, Dura products can provide for a lower cost install that demands fewer resources. The 90% reduction in weight when compared with a traditional concrete kerb means that transport to site, set out and the installation process are much quicker and less demanding.

The Durakerb range is comprehensive however where necessary units can be installed alongside special or tighter radius concrete kerbs. For example, this project on the A259 in Bexhill, East Sussex was installed in 2019. Durakerb drops and centre stones were installed either side of the carriageway with HB angles and centre stones within the inner island.

A small project like this provides a destination for the equivalent of 3,276 recycled plastic bottles, caps and closures which are fixed and available for future re-use or recycling. As a one-operative install Durakerb’s method of installation can also be adopted and managed in-line with the new social distancing measures.

Durakerb – The Challenges of Social Distancing in Construction

Durakerb provides for a more sustainable, simple and easier solution for road and pavement design
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