Ashton-under-Lyne – Northern Bypass and local infrastructure

This scheme in Tameside is a typical proof for the performance of Durakerb. Over 600mtrs of lightweight, recycled and recyclable Durakerb were installed in 2010. The units have withstood regular loads from all types of vehicles with Durakerb installed along the main routes, within and around adjoining car parks. After the hottest day ever in the UK, the units have maintained dimension and are as they were when they were first installed.

Our unique manufacturing process uses 88% of finely graded recycled polymer with a small degree of filler, UV stabilizer and is RAL controlled so you get long-term consistency of shape and shade.

With 30,676 kg of carbon saved for every 1000M installed, Durakerb is the lightweight option that is safer for the environment utilising the recycled material of plastic bottles, caps and closures.

This is a typical example of the performance of Durakerb over time
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