Aeropark Developments – WYG Farm Housing Project – Burridge – Hampshire

July 18, 2019

Durakerb use has now exceeded 400,000 units thanks to companies such as Aeropark Developments Ltd. The WYG Farm Housing Project is a typical example of innovation in design and construction where the impact to workers and the environment has been considerably reduced by installing Durakerbs. Aeropark Developments Ltd have already installed over 1000mtrs of Durakerb with more due for delivery in the next few months.

Durakerb has been installed along the temporary access to site and when the project completes, units can be recovered, re-used or returned to us for re-processing.

By using Durakerb in place of traditional concrete kerbstones, Aeropark Developments are already able to demonstrate a saving of over 30,676kg of carbon while creating a use and fixed destination for over 182,000 plastic bottles, caps & closures.

We have found Durakerb to be a truly robust, lightweight and sustainable kerb solution
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