A85 – Perth City Centre

February 6, 2020

Duradrain is a low carbon, recycled and fully recyclable combined kerb and surface drainage system. Unlike traditional point drainage, run-off is collected continually with flows compounding hidden within the channel body. Draining roadways quickly and efficiently protects surfaces and improves the safety for all users.

This installation is on the A85 junction, North West of Perth City Centre and is a busy, heavily trafficked route. For this project, as is the case for most urban designs, a full range of fittings were used to allow for continual drainage across full height kerb, pedestrian and vehicle crossings. For linear systems installed within main highways and urban infrastructure, the CE mark is the only mark required for compliance. For combined kerb and drainage systems in the UK, additional requirements for adoption are detailed within EN1433-IAN117/08 Rev2.

The strength requirements for combined kerb and drainage systems are stipulated within the harmonised standard (EN1433-C250-D400). Units must have an inherent compressive strength and perform under impact. Please download our Design & Installation Guide for more information.

The equivalent of over 41,496 recycled bottles, caps and closures are fixed into this project in Perth.
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