A162 – Barkston Ash, North Yorkshire

Durakerb was installed for this project in 2008. This a single carriageway open to traffic at speed reducing to a 40 mph restriction. This is a typical pavement backed highway application.

After re-visiting the site over 10 years after initial installation, we’re happy to report that Durakerb has kept its shape and shade despite being exposed to many collisions and excess weight. Durakerb has delivered excellent load performance, where all units demonstrate a maintained structural integrity and consistency in shape and colour.

Companies like ours create demand, and more importantly, value for recycled plastic so it is collected, controlled and re-used. Durakerb also provides a new way of ground-working that is quicker, low risk, easier and safer. When you specify and use our products in Highways and Car Parks you are making a massive difference to the demands on your workforce and the environment.

Recycling is driven ultimately by demand and therefore, unless we create solutions where recycled products and materials are wanted and used, then nothing will really change.
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