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Case Studies

Since 2003 Dura Products have been providing solutions for clients who recognise the need to reduce risk, impact and innovate. We have over 17 years of history and have numerous case studies in varied applications across the UK. Please get in touch if you need more examples and/or more info specific to a particular area or sector.

Carmarthenshire Housing Projects

Durakerb is particularly suited to housing developments. The speed of installation, set-out, delivery and handling across site increases productivity allowing…

Stobswood – Northumberland

Inspected in 2019, these Durakerb units were installed pre-2008. After 11 years in operation, Durakerb units look like a typical…

Durakerb in Ayrshire

Durakerb has been used extensively in Ayrshire. Installed for The Ayrshire Roads Alliance, an innovative and award winning public sector…

Cumbria Highways

Cumbria County Council have been using Durakerb within their highway networks for over 10 years. The county has an extensive…

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