Worlingworth & Clare

Worlingworth & Clare, Suffolk

Installed in 2008 – Inspected in November 2018

82 units installed, equivalent to 14,924 plastic bottles, caps and closures.


These Durakerb installations, together with a project in Sapiston, were some of the first within highways. Projects like these serve as real proofs of performance over time as kerb-lines within highways are often the most challenging of environments. Since our original case studies were carried out in 2008, we have revisited and can comment on the condition after 10 years in operation. Images shown were taken in November 2018.

In Clare, a section of Durakerb was installed by hand in a typical pavement installation along a stretch of kerb-line running from an external junction. There is no evident damage or signs of replacement however we have asked the client for comment/confirmation.

Durakerb allows a lightweight and simple solution for kerb-side reinstatements;

Quick and simple installation for large projects and new builds considerably reduces working time in live traffic situations.

More About Durakerb
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