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Durakerb manufacture lightweight recycled products and systems that provide for a safer, greener, faster and easier solution to kerbing, & kerb-side/surface drainage.

They provide you with the opportunity to design and construct with responsibility.

  1. Responsibility to the environment
  2. Responsibility to your workforce

Durakerb are part of the Econpro Group. Econpro are a specialist group of companies that transform waste and by-product into sustainable products and solutions.

Increase Your Productivity

Our products and systems provide the opportunity to significantly increase your productivity across a project by as much as 300%

Cyclical Recycling 

We take waste plastic that has been collected, washed, graded and re-processed to produce high quality products which can themselves be re-used, recycled or re-made after use.

Quality Guaranteed

Our manufacturing processes are fully automated so consistency of product in both dimension and aesthetic is guaranteed and all products conform to the necessary standards and certification

Safer & Sustainable

In adopting new and better ways of construction, we can make a real difference to the environment and to everyone involved in the construction process. In choosing Dura-products for your project you are providing a safer, lightweight, quick and sustainable solution.

Design & Installation Advice

Durakerb offer a free design service detailing relevant aspects in terms of function, risk, integration and installation for a wide range of applications. Our advice is aimed at ensuring our products and systems provide you with a fully integrated sustainable solution for any project, large or small.

  • Free hydraulic designs, proven and detailed with points of note, run layouts, itemised schedules and calculations.
  • Installation Advice with specific points of note.
  • Lunchtime Presentations which can be tailored to you, your business and your market sectors. We generally centre on product function and what makes for a best design/practice and integration with project proofs. We can also demonstrate Econpro’s innovative manufacturing and recycling stages specific to sectors your businesses operate in.

Postal Address: Econpro, Unit 13a, Deeside Industrial Estate (Zone 1 Central) Drome Road, Deeside, CH5 2LR
Phone: 01244 289003
Email: info@econpro.co.uk

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