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//Stobswood Northumberland

Stobswood Northumberland

Stobswood – Northumberland

140 units installed, equivalent to 25,480 plastic bottles, caps and closures.


Inspected in 2019, these Durakerb units were installed pre-2008. During fixtures and events, cars are generally parked up on the pavements across the whole stretch of road.

From end to end, there are no evident instances of damage and the kerb continues to perform with out issue.

The kerb alignment feature and spacers ensure the kerb ends remain undamaged  and the integration between pavement, kerb and roadway are maintained.

After 11 years in operation, Durakerb units look like a typical kerb, in a typical application, as they should. The additional benefits include;

  • A considerable quantity of recycled and recyclable material is fixed within the kerb-line for future use.
  • Units were installed in a quicker, safer, simpler and easier method.

Durakerb allows a lightweight and simple solution for kerb-side reinstatements;

Quick and simple installation for large projects and new builds considerably reduces working time in live traffic situations.

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