Sustainable Procurement – Case Study2017-01-16T12:24:40+01:00

Project Description


Wakefield Council recognised the need to use alternative products that would lessen the risk of injury to its staff, make use of waste material that would otherwise end up in landfill sites and provide a better service to its road users by reducing road disruption time.

A DuraKerb Partnership With Wakefield Council


Wakefield Council traditionally used pre-cast concrete kerb when maintaining its 1,400km road network. The laying of traditional kerb by hand involves a risk of injury to the workforce, so Wakefield Council assessed the risk of injury and took steps to reduce it.


Mechanical lifting machinery is used extensively with traditional kerbs. On site this requires different machines for different situations (uneven ground, narrow spaces etc.) Both on site and in the depot machines are used to unload the delivery wagons. All machines require safety checks that incur a cost to the Council and also require an operator. Moving to DuraKerb eliminates these and so reduces the impact of the initial higher purchase price.                            

“Durakerb offered better value for money than comparable cheaper traditional products.”