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Project Description


A-one are committed to ‘zero tolerance’ on health and safety and take design and construction duties under the Construction Design and Management Regulations very seriously. A-one also recognise the environmental impact of maintaining and improving the trunk road network and always seek new and innovative ways to promote sustainable procurement. DuraKerb fulfills both these policies.

A DuraKerb Partnership With A1 Integrated Highways Services


To source a product which would aid A-one in hitting their stated aims of ‘zero tolerance’ on health and safety whilst assisting them to reduce environmental impact but ensure the product was fit for purpose and cost effective.


DuraKerb was chosen after lengthy discussions with the Highways Agency who stated “they have performed both in independent testing and in LA trials….they do appear to have everything going for them”  

“The Durakerb was installed exactly as traditional concrete kerbstones have been for decades but quicker and safer. We didn’t have to tetrain the installers and where necessary the product was cut with hand tools. The Durakerb was easily knocked down to level and the interlocking feature ensured 100% alignment every time”

Chris Beadle, A1’s Construction Manager

Chris Beadle, A1 INtegrated Highways Servies