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DuraKerb has been in the market since 2007 achieving Highways Agency & BBA/HAPAS approval in 2008. During this time we have been involved with numerous projects from outline design & specification, through to on-site assistance & aftersales care. Below are a selection of these projects and the thoughts of our clients who we have had the pleasure of working with.

On completion of two schemes and a third well underway; DuraKerb seems too good to be true, it begs the question “why haven’t we been using it for years?”  It looks the same as traditional concrete, has environmental and safety benefits and being HAPAS approved it comes with a good pedigree.

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“We found DuarKerb easy to cut with a normal hand saw which meant that risks from HAVS, noise and silica dust were removed completely.

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An innovative lightweight plastic kerbing system developed by DuraKerb is being used on the Olympic site, north and south parks. This significantly increases the use of recycled material and reduces the carbon content by 20%  (figured based on 1997 data now 40%) compared with traditional products.

Extract from CPA Chairman’s speech 12th April 2011, prior to delivery at the 2012 Olympic Village.

Two men laid 70lm of DuraKerb in 2:15 hrs (first time using DuraKerb). The productivity with DuraKerb was found to be 3/4 times  greater than with concrete kerbs and there was a reduction in traffic management costs.

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The DuraKerb was installed exactly as traditional concrete kerbstones have been for decades but quicker and safer. We didn’t have to retrain the installers and where necessary the product was cut with hand tools. The DuraKerb was easily knocked down to level and the interlocking feature ensured 100% alignment every time.

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Site observations have noted that the kerbs have been overrun in places, although no damage or movement of kerbs has been caused, reducing maintenance costs.

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DuraKerb offered better value for money than comparable cheaper traditional products.

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