Llanmiloe Residential Development

Llanmiloe Residential Development

This project provided the destination for 79,170 plastic bottles, caps and closures

Plastic Bottles in Kerbs: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

This project and other similar developments in Carmarthenshire show that using a recycled product can often prove to be a best solution all round. Firstly, using Durakerb within the kerb-lines across the whole site provides a destination for recycled material where it is fixed and available for future recycling.

All units are manufactured using 88% recycled polymers with a small amount of filler, UV stabilizer and RAL controlled for long term consistency of shade and shape providing a clean traditional aesthetic.

The installation process can be up to four times quicker and requires no machinery when laying or when setting out. Unlike traditional kerbs, Durakerb does not chip or spall and is robust enough to withstand accidental impacts and loads during construction.

Durakerb allows a lightweight and simple solution for kerb-side reinstatements;

Quick and simple installation for large projects and new builds considerably reduces working time in live traffic situations.

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