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Duradrain – Half Batter – Heavy Duty Combined Kerb & Drainage System

The Duradrain half batter combined kerb and drainage system is ideal for draining carriageways, car parks, schools, retail/industrial  developments and any structure with a kerb-edge design.

The recycled and recyclable lightweight standard units are manufactured from a hydraulically efficient material and have a large usable volume. This means large areas can be drained quickly and safely, protecting surfaces by taking run-off at multiple points across the whole length of the kerb-line.

The rear retention element provides total integration with the rear bracing, from access to outlet.

The high quality recycled polymer material provides a balance of both high compressive and flexural strength for load and impact

The Duradrain half batter ductile iron top and base units are a high quality and heavy duty access/outlet.

For busy highway routes they are an ideal bind for combined kerb and drainage units as the extents of a drainage run can often be the most exposed.

They are designed to sit over standard 450mm diameter road gullies or we can supply with a base plate for access only. They allow flows to drops out free and provide a large and robust opening for access and future maintenance.

Duradrain end caps can be fitted to access/outlets and standard units. Simply apply sealant up to the window/entry height and fix.

Duradrain solid ductile iron access points can be installed at the head of each run and at regular intervals subject to site conditions.

Units can also be used as a shallow or intermediate outlet point (EN1401 – 162mm Diameter Rear Pipe Outlet)

Drop kerbs and centre stones will allow flows to travel through both vehicle and pedestrian crossings and through varied highway features. Standard units are designed to drop from 125/100mm full HB weir height/kerb show. The road surface can be laid-up or down across the drop to achieve 0/6/25mm upstand.

Standard units can be supplied faceted to suit both external and internal radii.



For highway adoption, all joints must be sealed. (EN1433-HA-Doc-IAN117/08 Rev 2).

Duradrain sealant should be applied around the channel body up to the road-surface/inlet level. All units have a flush face to face contact so an effective watertight seal can be achieved for every joint. For more information, please our Design & Installation Guide.