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All exposed impermeable surfaces and structures require efficient drainage to prevent flooding or settlement and to protect surfaces. Duradrain is a heavy duty combined kerb and drainage system (CKD) that provides an efficient and safe method of draining highways, car parks and potentially any surface or structure with a kerb edge.

Combined kerb and drainage systems collect run-off continually and quickly which helps extend the life of a project and improve the conditions for users and their safety, particularly in Highways. Unlike the traditional kerb and gully method where flows compound on the surface, the collected run-off is contained and driven to outlet hidden within the channel body. As the kerb-lines are traditionally set at a low point, the levels on site can be simplified using one-directional cross-fall/camber to deliver surface water to the kerb-side.

Duradrain – A combined kerb and drainage system that offers all-round cover

A successful system will quickly collect and dispose of run-off from and within the structure/landscape. Duradrain provides a seamless integration for the most toughest of applications.

The balance of recycled polymer and filler provide a high compressive strength (HD-D400) and a high flexural strength to withstand both load and impact.

For a complete lightweight, recycled and recyclable surface drainage solution for your project, both Durakerb, Duradrain and Durachannel can be designed and installed to work side by side.

The solid ductile iron access points and gully outlets ensure a full robust extent to all sections of CKD.

The Duradrain range is produced to match Durakerb and most traditional standard kerbs used extensively across the UK. The range is similar to traditional kerb and combined kerb and drainage systems in terms of function, compliance, dimension, profile and transition.

Quality – Compliance – Performance – Assured

For Combined kerb & drainage systems the Harmonised Standard verifies compliance and defines the requirements and demands for a product. The requirements for compliance have been developed and set by CEN/CENILEC within EU Legislation. They are designed to remove barriers to trade, promote entreprenuership and improve access to markets.

Duradrain complies fully with the harmonised standard. (EN1433-HD Load Category – D400) and carries the CE mark. Duradrain also meets the requirements of the interim advice note IAN117/08 Rev 2 and can be used and adopted within highways across the UK, Ireland & Mainland Europe.

Duradrain is manufactured in accordance with EN1433:2002 –Load Category 4 –Heavy Duty –D400. EN1433 is a Harmonised Standard for which the CE mark is the only mark for compliance. All units must be installed as per Duradrain Installation Advice. Duradrain also meets the requirements of IAN117/08 Rev 2 and is therefore suitable for use in Highways in the UK, Ireland & Mainland Europe.

Greener – Simpler – Safer – Better

Duradrain standard units are made from the same material as Durakerb therefore for every unit installed you will be effectively finding a safe and controlled destination for waste plastic that is fixed, ready for future reclaim and re-use.

The lightweight standard units mean a simple, quicker  and easier method of installation reducing your impact on the environment and your workforce.

The lightweight standard units mean a simple, quicker  and easier method of installation reducing your impact on the environment and your workforce.

The market rate for Combined Kerb & Drainage Systems is much higher than for a basic  single function kerb. We are therefore able to offer Duradrain at competitive rates comparable with other traditional concrete/polymer systems. Please contact us for more information.

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