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DuraDrain combined kerb & drainage system builds on the success of DuraKerb & is the new & exciting addition to the range. Sharing the same benefits as DuraKerb; being made from recycled polymer, lightweight for manual installation & unrivalled speed of installation.

What Is Duradrain?

Duradrain 7000 Technical Data
Duradrain 6000 Technical Data

Download the Duradrain Safety Data Sheet

Duradrain is a monolithic heavy duty combined kerb and drainage system designed for use on Motorways, within Highway/Urban Infrastructure, car parks and any project where surface run-off can be collected at the kerb-line.

Duradrain is manufactured in accordance with EN1433:2002 –Load Category 4 –Heavy Duty –D400. EN1433 is a Harmonised Standard for which the CE mark is the only mark for compliance. All units must be installed as per Duradrain Installation Advice. Duradrain also meets the requirements of IAN117/08 Rev 2 and is therefore suitable for use in Highways in the UK, Ireland & Mainland Europe.

Combined Kerb & Drainage System

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