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If you are new to DuraKerb you probably have a few questions. Below is a list of the regular questions we’ve been asked over the years, along with the answers. If you have any queries or require further explanation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are DuraKerb made of? DuraKerb are made from recycled polymers e.g. plastic milk and detergent bottles. There are 182 recycled plastic bottles in each standard HB2 unit
What percentage of DuraKerb is recycled material? In the standard DuraKerb it is more than 88%
What does 88% recycled mean? 88% of the content of DuraKerb is recycled kerbside waste bottles, the balance is a mix of Filler, UV Stabiliser, Pigment, and Blowing Agent to assist in the moulding process
What does 40% reduction in carbon emissions mean? DuraKerbs carbon footprint statement in compliance to PAS2050 is 8.7Kg CO2e compared with 10.5kg for an equivalent concrete kerb
Is the waste materials used in manufacture of DuraKerb of UK origin? Yes, all recycled material used in production is from UK kerbside collections
Is DuraKerb manufactured in the UK? Yes, DuraKerb is manufactured in East Anglia.
Can DuraKerb be recycled? Each unit of DuraKerb and any off-cut waste can be fully recycled
The Product
How is DuraKerb manufactured? Each DuraKerb is injection moulded providing tighter tolerances than concrete kerb in both profile and straightness
What profiles and sizes does DuraKerb come in? See product range page
How many DuraKerb come on a pallet? There are 48 standard HB2 DuraKerb on a pallet.
How many DuraKerb do you get on a load? Typically you can get 1248 units of DuraKerb (26 pallets) on a load compared to 364 concrete units
What does a pallet of DuraKerb weigh? A pallet of DuraKerb weighs less than 288k
What does a DuraKerb weigh? A DuraKerb HB2 weighs less than 6kg vs 67kg for a concrete equivalent.
Why are DuraKerb hollow? DuraKerb has been specifically designed utilising cellular reinforcement and secondary ribbing to use the minimum volume of material possible to achieve its very low carbon footprint whilst still achieving incredible strength
Can you lay DuraKerb manually? Yes, as each DuraKerb weighs less than 6kg which is less than 1/3 of the safe handling limit of 20kg, no mechanical lifting equipment is necessary
What is the speed of installation of DuraKerb? Up to 4 times quicker than traditional concrete kerbs
Are DuraKerb installed the same as concrete? Yes, DuraKerb is laid in exactly the same way traditional concrete kerbstones have been for decades
How do you cut DuraKerb? DuraKerb is designed to be cut using a standard hand saw
Can you roll tarmac against DuraKerb? Yes, DuraKerb is not affected by hot asphalt being laid and rolled up to it
Is it easy to remove a single DuraKerb from a run? Yes, simply cut the tongue with a pad saw to release the mechanical interlock and cut through the kerb to break out
How much wastage do you get with DuraKerb vs concrete kerb? Much less. Due to the polymeric material used in production of DuraKerb it is much less prone to damage pre or post installation, you typically get less than 1% wastage
Is DuraKerb less prone to damage during and post construction? Yes, as DuraKerb does not chip or spall and does not break if dropped damage rates are much lower than with concrete kerb
Can DuraKerb be mitered on site? Yes, DuraKerb can be easily cut to angle / profile on site using a hand saw or a factory mitred and welded angle of any size is available to order
Do you have COSH data sheets for DuraKerb Yes, see COSH page
Do you have installation guides for DuraKerb? Yes, see installation info
Can DuraKerb be set alight? No, as part of the rigorous BBA testing regime that DuraKerb has undergone, the results of the Single Flame Ignitability test (BS/EN 11925.2:2002) demonstrates that the DuraKerb is non-combustible and does not support flame
Are DuraKerb resistant to deicing salts/diesel/petrol etc? Yes, as part of the rigorous BBA testing regime that DuraKerb has undergone it was demonstrated that it is resistant to the typical chemicals and road salts used in highway construction and is not affected by fuel oils
Are DuraKerb UV resistant? Yes, DuraKerb ensures it is UV resistant by incorporating a UV inhibiter
Can I get DuraKerb in other colours? Yes, we can manufacture DuraKerb in a range of colours to order subject to minimum quantities
What is the life expectancy of DuraKerb? The polymers used in DuraKerb are none biodegradable and therefore the design life of the units is equal to that of concrete under normal designed applications
How easily are Durakerb damaged? Being manufactured from polymeric material DuraKerb is extremely durable and much less prone to damage than concrete kerb
Can DuraKerb be repaired? Yes, certain types of damage can be repaired in-situ with the DuraKerb repair kit available upon request
Will I get colour fade in my DuraKerb? No, the weathering resistance of DuraKerb has been tested to BS/EN 4611:2001 and a 10 year accelerated ageing test undertaken along with actual site visits of DuraKerb installed more than 12 years ago show no change in colour
Will I get batch (colour) variation in DuraKerb? No, the RAL colour utilised in the production of DuraKerb has a narrow window of change within the material specification, colour variance is far less than with concrete kerbs
Can you drive over DuraKerb? Yes, over the years many DuraKerb have been installed for drop crossings etc. and they are performing at least as well and in many cases better than the concrete equivalent
Will DuraKerb damage alloy wheels? Given the nature of the material DuraKerb are manufactured from they are less likely to cause damage than the concrete kerb
Are DuraKerb accepted for use by the Highways Agency? Yes, DuraKerb has had BBA/HAPAS approval since April 2008 and Highways Agency  approval October 2008
Is there a specification for DuraKerb? Yes, a full NBS specification is available, please see NBS Specification
Can DuraKerb be used to replace a broken concrete kerb? Yes, if the tongue is cut off the DuraKerb it can be used either as a replacement or used in conjunction with concrete kerb
Are DuraKerb slippy when wet? The unpolished slip resistance of DuraKerb when wet is 40, the textured surface gives a greater slip resistance than concrete kerb
Can I get a sample? Yes, please see our Sample Service
Are case studies available? Yes, please see our Case Studies page
Do you offer onsite support? Yes, technical, on site and after sales support is part of our comprehensive service offer. Please contact Customer Service on 01244 289003 for full details
Have you got a CPD on Durakerb? Yes, we have a technical presentation specific to DuraKerb. Please contact Customer Service on 01244 289003 for full details

What Our Clients Have To Say

“On completion of two schemes and a third well underway; DuraKerb seems too good to be true, it begs the question “why haven’t we been using it for years?”  It looks the same as traditional concrete, has environmental and safety benefits and being HAPAS approved it comes with a good pedigree.”


North Yorkshire CC, Jacobs & BBIS – A162 Barkston Ash Footway.  DuraKerb increase the use of recycled materials in order to meet NYCC objectives and policies.

Kerbs used tie into standard PCC transition and radius kerbs.  Total length of 450m kerbs laid to a >10m radius, the tongue and groove interlock presented no problems.

The cost benefit is seen in the time saved laying the kerbs as no mechanical handling equipment is required for lifting.


Scheme  A127 Rayleigh June 2008, New carriageway gullies; drainage system installed within footway.

Trench excavated and a dry standard kerb mix laid in trench. Two pallets of ‘DuraKerb’ brought to site on Transit flat back, no lifting equipment used. ‘DuraKerb’ laid to line & level with approximately 40 mm of kerb mix going up inside the kerb.  A dampened kerb mix used as haunching. Two men laid 70m of ‘Durakerb’ in 2:15 hrs (first time using DuraKerb).

Productivity with ‘Durakerb’ was found to be 3/4 times greater and reduction in traffic management costs.


‘An innovative lightweight plastic kerbing system developed by DuraKerb is being used on the Olympic site, north and south parks. This significantly increases the use of recycled material and reduces the carbon content by 20% compared with traditional products’ Extract from CPA Chairman’s speech 12th April 2011

london olympics high definition wallpaper

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