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DuraKerb was developed to be the most ergonomic, safe and environmentally friendly kerb on the market. Made from UK kerbside collected recycled material, independent testing demonstrates that, in manufacture DuraKerb has a 40% lower carbon footprint than the concrete equivalent & generates 73% less CO2e in transportation.

Manufactured From Recycled Materials

40% Less CO2e

88% by weight of a DuraKerb is recycled, UK kerbside collected material & in manufacture when measured using  PAS2050 it produces 40% less CO2e than its concrete equivalent helping you meet your sustainability targets.

The material is a recycled blend of polymeric materials PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene) typically plastic bottles such as milk and detergent bottles.

There are 182 recycled plastic bottles in a standard HB2 unit.

DuraKerb is also 100% recyclable ensuring alignment with the circular economy agenda.

Diversion From Landfill

Using these low grade waste materials ensures they do not end up destined for landfill. Every 100lm of DuraKerb can divert 0.5 tonnes of ‘waste’ from landfill.


Due to the inherent lightweight nature of DuraKerb far less transport is required. There is a 73% reduction in CO2e per full load when compared to the concrete equivalent ensuring not only environmental KPI’s are met but also reducing transportation costs.

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