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In 2018, Econpro has taken back full control of the sales and marketing for Durakerb and we are currently bringing all our 12 year history right up to date by re-visiting projects, from the very first, to ongoing and new projects of interest, please see our case studies and news feed.

DuraKerb: The History

Durakerb is not new!!!

BBA/HAPAS Certified

After twelve years of Durakerb performance in highway networks across the country with the product due for a fourth issue of BBA/HAPAS Certification, we feel that our initial goals set when we developed Durakerb have been realised.

“Offer a kerb edge feature that provides an easier, safer, simpler, quicker, better and more sustainable solution that delivers equivalent performance to the traditional.”

Since Durakerb’s introduction in 2005 There are now in excess of 400,000 units installed in highways, car parks, office and industrial projects across the UK and Ireland. This is equivalent to over 72 million recycled bottles, caps and closures.

Continued and increasing use has brought benefits and investment into the recycling industry so more waste plastic is recycled with improved processes so we can demand specific grades and consistency in the types of recycled polymer we use. Since 2011, we have been able to source a specific grade of polymer with a 50% greater i-Zod rating and all products made thereafter are effectively 50% stronger under impact.

The Environmental Benefits Durakerb
How Durakerb Complies With Health & Safety
Reasons Durakerb Is Cost Effective