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To achieve a best/optimum solution for any project, it is important for designers to make a full risk assessment. The position of collection, the surrounding structure/landscape, functions, road alignment, levels, specific local design criteria and the type/volume of traffic will determine a best solution. (DMRB – HA83/99 – MCHW Series 500/1100 – EN1433/EN1340).

The Optimum Solution For Your Kerb Project

In areas that are particularly exposed to heavy and frequent traffic, or for kerb-lines where you expect likely over-runs, then it is good practice to enhance the brace and haunch. It is also good practice to ensure the installation detail ties well into the surrounding surfaces and landscape, and is sufficient for the types of loads expected (please see further information on Kerb Function & Installation Details).

All Dura-Products are heavy duty and meet the minimum required strengths as stipulated within the necessary standards and any subsequent interim advice (IAN117/08 Rev 2).

It is important for designers to understand that the CE mark verifies product compliance however the actual load performance and longevity of a product/system is not limited to the strength of the individual unit. Correct design and installation will enhance performance of both product and system providing longevity across a project.

Site conditions do vary however in all instances the key to best performance and longevity is to ensure a precise quality finish, and sufficient integration between the bed, brace/haunch and landscape. The more detail provided at design will ensure a consistency in the project’s progression to tender, award and subsequent precision and clarity in construction.

With kerbing generally, impacts are more frequent in low-speed parking/stopping areas and over-runs so to reduce risk, it is best to check and assess each section of kerbing and its function across a project.

Our Installation guide provides advice and data to help ensure a best and optimum solution is realised for your project.


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