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Both Durakerb & Duradrain are produced to work within traditional kerb, pavement and highway design. (Ref MCHW – Series 1100).

Durakerb is also installed in the traditional manor but in a much simpler and easier method. As with all products, the key to best performance and longevity for a project is to ensure a precise quality finish. This is generally better achieved when there is more specific detail given at design as it brings consistency through the costing and construction processes.

We can provide detailed layouts and schedules for schemes when a precise detail is necessary for either aesthetic purposes or if specific to the load function. The comprehensive range covers most design features however for complex hard landscapes or very tight radii, it is possible to design-in Durakerb or Duradrain alongside traditional kerb products.

We now produce illustrated details for all products within the range, available in PDF/Auto CAD format.

Duradrain is also produced to work within traditional kerb/pavement design. The hydraulic function and the fact that each unit is hollow must be considered. Duradrain should not be designed and installed within a standard kerb detail. (Ref HA83/99)

The Dura range is produced to match most traditional standard kerbs used extensively across the UK. The range is similar to traditional kerb and combined kerb and drainage systems in terms of function, compliance, dimension, profile and transition.

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