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DuraKerbs unique features ensure it is the cost effective solution that mitigates your health and safety liability whilst delivering serious environmental benefits.

DuraKerbs many benefits ensure that it is the cost effective solution

Speed of Installation

Given the speed and ease of installation it’s little wonder contractors achieve installation rates of 4 times that of the traditional concrete equivalent. This realises as genuine cost savings on installed rates.

Manual Installation

No expensive problematic lifting equipment is required to install DuraKerb as it is designed to be installed manually in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive guidelines.


A significant reduction in transport costs due to the lightweight nature of DuraKerb can start to deliver cost savings even before installation begins.

3.5 times more DuraKerb can be delivered on a full load vs, concrete and small volumes can be transported easily with 48 units per pallet without the need for costly HGV’s and lifting equipment.

Let Us Do The Work For You

By employing our bespoke DuraKerb Savings Calculator software we can demonstrate the significant savings on your project.

Laying the Durakerb

Laying the concrete kerb


Find Out What You Could Save With DuraKerb

Why not speak to us about how much you could save on your project by using DuraKerb. We have a bespoke savings calculator which will demonstrate the available savings on your project.

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