Ayr Crematorium

Ayr Crematorium & Local Infrastructure

110 units installed, equivalent to 20,020 plastic bottles, caps and closures.


Durakerb has been installed in three separate sections each with specific performance criteria due to the position and surrounding road/pavement design.

Installed for The Ayrshire Roads Alliance, an innovative public sector partnership, the sections were a mix of both newly constructed and replacement kerb-lines.

Around the entrance and exit Durakerb has been installed with full and part-pavement backing. They have also been patched in with re-aligned concrete radii at the extents and where damage has occurred to the existing concrete kerb-lines from parking vehicles.

Durakerb allows a lightweight and simple solution for kerb-side reinstatements;

Quick and simple installation for large projects and new builds considerably reduces working time in live traffic situations.

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