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DuraKerb is the proven light weight, environmentally beneficial and cost effective alternative to traditional concrete kerb. It is designed to mitigate your health and safety liabilities and increase productivity whilst helping to meet your sustainability targets. We have gone to great lengths, from choice of base materials, production methodology and control, through to rigorous product testing, to ensure the product is not only fit for purpose but of the highest quality. Since its introduction in to the marketplace, DuraKerb has won a number of prestigious industry awards which has seen over 400,000 lm successfully installed across the UK.

DuraKerb’s Key Statistics


1. 40% reduction in carbon emissions compared with precast concrete units in manufacture. (PAS 2050)

2. Manufactured using a polymer blend of which 88% is recycled material.

3. Lightweight design increases laying speed by up to four times that of a concrete equivalent.

4. At just under 6kg, DuraKerb is less than one third of the manual handling limit of 20kg and mitigates repetitive strain injury & can, therefore, be installed manually inaccordance with HSE guidelines.

5. Extremely durable offering a substantial reduction in breakages & spalling minimising remedial and maintenance costs.

6. Removes the need for mechanical handling equipment speeding up lay rates and reducing costs significantly. 

7. Can be cut with hand tools and does not create any carcinogenic crystalline silica dust.

8. Simple interlocking feature ensures 100% alignment.

9. Extremely easy to store and transport.

10. Resistance to typical chemicals and road salts used in highway construction and maintenance.

DuraKerb: The 21st Century Solution

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Reasons Durakerb Is Cost Effective

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